The Pixi Rose & Emma Hardie Brilliance Facial Oils

Pixi Rose Oil & Emma Hardie Facial Oil - my thoughts over on Carry on Caroline

Having dabbled with expensive serums in the past, I wasn’t convinced spending £60 per bottle was worth it for the results I was seeing (aka minimal). So I did some research into other serums and came across facial oils.

I read up and discovered that oils are designed to help hydrate and enhance your skin, rather than grease it up. Though the beauty industry seems to steer people with oily skin away from oils, fighting oil with oil can actually work. Oils help lock a little extra hydration in – perfect for city living and office working.


I’ve gathered a pretty good idea about an ideal make up routine (though it seems no one’s routine is ever exactly the same). But one thing most routines have in common is applying products in order of heaviness. Start with the thinnest liquid, and then work upwards. So, after my toner(s) and Hyaluronic Acid, I apply 2-3 drops of an oil to the tips of my finger and then do a ‘therapist swipe‘ with my hands, before gently massaging it into my face, and adding a moisturiser on top to ‘lock’ everything in. I use the same oil both morning and night, and go through a whole bottle of one oil before trying a different one. This means I can really see what it’s doing to my skin.

Pixi Rose Oil & Emma Hardie Facial Oil - my thoughts over on Carry on Caroline

Pixi Rose Oil Blend – £26

My first oil purchase was the Pixi Rose Oil Blend. I’ve often been recommended products containing rose due to the colour of my cheeks and looking permanently like I’ve just walked up several flights of stairs (who am I kidding? One flight would do it). I had high hopes for clear skin, hydration and a little less pinkness so, I quickly got started.

The formula is clear and has a really subtle rose fragrance. I apply this AM & PM and let it sink in for a little while before I add my moisturiser. As promised, it reduced my red cheeks, soothed my skin and helped keep my skin in check. It even made my make up glide on afterwards.

I’ve just finished my second bottle of this Pixi oil, and love how far a little bit will go. It’s tempting to use more than you need, but you’ll feel the benefit a lot more if you only use 2-3 drops and let it absorb into your skin. I initially used a lot more than necessary, and ended up looking like you could fry an egg on my face…so I speak from experience here.

Would I recommend this oil?
Yes! So far, I haven’t found another oil that beats this.

Emma Hardie Brilliance Facial Oil – £35

I’d been eyeing up the Emma Hardie Brilliance Facial Oil for a while when a promotion came up on FeelUnique (read more about my beauty buying tips & tricks here)! I’d just run out of my first Pixi Rose Oil and wanted to experiment a little.

The EH oil contains 9 essential oils designed to ‘condition, hydrate and smooth’ the skin. It has a nice, but quite strong spa-like smell to it, and all you need is a couple of drops to work into your face, so it does last quite some time.

Honestly? After all the hype online surrounding Emma Hardie products, I was a little disappointed.

Did the oil hurt my skin in any way?
No. But I felt it was just keeping it ticking along rather than actively improving my skin. Not what I want from my oil/serum step.

Would I recommend this oil?
I won’t be repurchasing this one again, and if you are choosing a new facial oil – I think there are cheaper oils that do more for less money.

Pixi Rose Oil & Emma Hardie Facial Oil - my thoughts over on Carry on Caroline
Pixi Rose Oil & Emma Hardie Facial Oil - my thoughts over on Carry on Caroline


After going through these bottles, I’ve started on The Ordinary’s Rosehip oil offering. (Is it just me or does anything with the word ‘rose’ in the title make you want it immediately?). Sadly, first impressions aren’t as good as my favourite Pixi oil, but I’ll be using this one up and reviewing it when it’s done!

Do you have any oils or serums you love and recommend? I’m always on the look out for improvements so let me know in the comments!

C x

* I am not a skincare expert, but I do love new products! I have paid in full for all the products featured in this post, making it 100% not sponsored.