Oxford Street

So, I’ve been looking forward to doing a good day’s shopping in Oxford Street since I landed in London for the Summer. I always think its best to wear easy to change and comfy clothes so you don’t get stressed in the far to hot changing rooms in the shops. So I teamed my high waisted Topshop jeans and old urban outfitters tee along with my lightest possible handbag and headed for Oxford Circus. Being in the business district of London, I’d forgotten just how busy London could be. The thousands of people headlining every direction made it very difficult to get my bearings as I stepped onto Oxford Circus.

Starting at urban outfitters, I returned a brown leather handbag I just didn’t love, and found a pretty tie dye Summer pink dress in the sale for just £17! The sleeveless skater style will definitely work well on its own,with tights or a jumper and will go very wellwith my pale denim jacket.


I found a fair few things in Topshop but was disappointed with the cut and finish of a lot of them – another major problem I seem to find here is the amount of make up on the clothes! The white lace clothesline were ALL stained with mucky orange make up.
A big thing I noticed was the introduction of lumo green. In every shop there was white and this beautiful bright colour, although I couldn’t find the perfect garment. Pastel colours are still around but it looks as if shops are heading towards brights once again so visit Forever 21, Topshop and h&m for ideas here.