Nailed It





Having never tried nail wraps before, when I saw these in Primark for 50p I thought it was a good time to try. It’s really simple – you measure your nail against the stickers and then warm them up, peel them off and stick them down carefully! I had a bit of trouble trying to match the right size sticker to my nail, and there wasn’t a perfect size for my index finger, but if you try them – remember your nails are rounded so you’ll need a little more sticker than you think!

It’s a little difficult to place the stickers right up towards your cuticle but by the second hand I’d definitely got the hang of it! I love the colour though and they’re shiny!



24 hours later: the wraps are still stuck firmly, but due to tiny folds when I put them on, they’ve caught and ripped little chunks out of the wrap making them look a little messy – especially my thumb nail. But they’d definitely be a quick way to sort your nails for a night out and they’re worth a try if you can find cheap ones!