Exploring London

This weekend I planned a list of things to do as my boyfriend came down to stay. He’s never been to Camden Market before so that was top of the list and we spent most of the day trawling through all the little shops and exploring every route possible before meeting friends in Shoreditch for drinks and dinner with the family.

On Friday night we ate out in Camden at a place called Hache – a very cute burger place, it was really lovely with white and pink fairy lights dangling over large gold framed mirrors, and the food was good too! One thing I’ve noticed during my time in London is the obsession for sweet potato fries! You can’t get them at home and I’m taking the opportunity to get sick of them – they’re my favourite at the moment.

Saturday called for a “short” trip down Oxford Street, where we picked up a denim jacket for him (£31 down from £69 in Urban Outfitters), and a leather messenger bag for me (£15.99 in the Zara Sale). We then took the tube to embankment and had lunch at Strada, before wandering through Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square (via the Haagen-Dazs cafe) and tea at Steak and Co. I also used him as my photographer for the weekend.

Dinner in Camden!
His and hers milkshakes (Hache) – I’m always a fan of the chocolate variety while he loves strawberry.20130625-194040.jpg
A few items looking beautiful in the Zara sale before dinner near Piccadilly Circus, wearing my Zara steal!
Bag: Zara | Leather Jacket: Asos | Top: ASOS | Riding Pants: American Apparel20130625-194112.jpg
I LOVE THIS DRESS! I am so so so happy I trekked all the way to UO third floor on Oxford Street to find it in the teeny tiny sale section at just £20 – a bonus 15% off for signing up to the newsletter meant it went down to just £17! I love the tie dye print and the dark purple pink colour. I planned to wear it with bare legs in Camden but the weather wasn’t having any of it so I had to don tights as well, but I believe it will be a wonderful holiday dress too – an easy throw on (also comes in bright blue)! You can see my Zara bag in these pictures too – I haven’t put it down since I purchased it on Saturday.

I love this wall we found in Shoreditch on our way from the station – makes these photos just a little more exciting!

Jacket: ASOS | Bag: Zara | Dress: Urban Renewal via Urban Outfitters20130625-222854.jpg

20130625-222858.jpgTo finish – a couple of close ups of my new favourite bag! I love that it stays this shape even if there’s only a few things in there, a problem I always had with my H&M barrel handbag. It’s also SO SPACIOUS – I was made to carry round his hayfever tablets/nasal spray/tissues/disposable cameras all weekend due to his horrible hayfever, so this was necessary!

Speaking of which! I decided to purchase two cheap disposable cameras from ebay for our weekend to give us something different – so I have yet to get those developed. I haven’t used a disposable camera in ages either! So here’s your sneak peak of my boy and his disposable camera: