The Weekend

So this weekend was just what I needed! On Friday night I had dinner with the other Anna Scholz interns, Leo and Charlotte ( and went shopping at Westfield. I bought some cute stationary from Paperchase as I wanted a little notebook/blog book to keep in my handbag in case I come up with any post ideas or inspiration I want to jot down on the go. I also recently purchased some stickers and washi tape from ebay with a £5 voucher I had to keep the book looking extra cute and pretty! Anyone who knows me will tell you about my obsession with pretty new stationary, and this is no exception! My favourite stationary buy to date is my fineliners, they are kept in their plastic box and in rainbow order. I have colours specifically assigned to different kinds of paragraph styles like headings, subheadings and key words and have done ever since GCSE – weird, I know.
So on Saturday morning I woke up ridiculously early at 8am, and made a very spontaneous decision to go visit my grandparents who live in Leicester, and escape the busy city life for 24 hours of pampering. We had a nice pub dinner and Sunday was spent just chilling with them, but it was nice to have some home comforts – even the hot water bottle I found in my bed in the middle of Summer! They also have a large supply of mini magnums which they count as supper, so a girl can’t complain!
Here’s my Saturday outfit for the sun!
Skirt: American Apparel | Top: Primark | Shoes: Vans | Bag: Zara
So this is the candy stripe skirt I showed you all a few posts ago from American Apparel! Before my move to London, I’d hardly worn it, although my housemate found the same skirt in the ASOS sale two years after I’d bought it, and Summer is the perfect time for it – it screams sunshine with it’s candy stripe print and demands to be worn with bare legs.
This was also the first outing for my denim vans which have been waiting patiently to be worn for quite a while now, since being bought in a student lock down in October, so excuse the little black socks – I didn’t want blisters! You’ll also see my Zara messenger bag, I haven’t put it down yet! It also turns out Krista bought the black version before me, we’re too similar, our wardrobes will definitely become one next year, yay!