The “Lumberjack” Look


Shirt: Urban Outfitters | Bag: Urban Outfitters | Jeans: ASOS | Shoes: Timberlands via ASOS | Coat: ASOS
So a little change of plan week-wise. Instead of laying on a sunny beach in Spain, I’m still in England. My mum is scared of flying, and although we made it to the airport, we didn’t make it to check-in. So here I am in England, in the rain. Suddenly, Autumn has appeared and it called for a dip into my warmer wardrobe.
The shoes were a birthday present I chose myself: I was going to Prague and my mum insisted I needed some “proper” shoes as opposed to just my vans, and she was so right! Instead of spending the entire trip with my socks on a radiator, I could walk through the inches of snow without bother, as could Krista with her bright red caterpillar boots! The Timberlands were meant to be for me – the last pair on ASOS; in my size and with a 25% off discount code running.
I love this shirt too – it was the only one in the shop and I spent a few minutes hesitating before running back to get it and not letting it out of my sight. I love the material – flannel is just so cosy. The coat is one of my more recent purchases – ASOS happened to have a 50% off 50 items sale (amazing) and I stole this coat for just £30 instead of £60 before it sold out in every size! I have two coats with fleecing on the inside – both of which are not waterproof. I required a lightweight, hooded, waterproof jacket and this is perfect. It was also it’s first outing due to the good weather we HAD been having.
Hopefully the good weather will pick up again!