Jessica’s Nails

Since my sister has never had the courtesy to introduce me in her blog, I guess I’ll have to do it myself… I’m JC, Caroline’s younger sister. She asked to make a guest appearance on her blog and talk about one of my favourite beauty/fashion activities: nail art.
Nail art is an area of fashion that has always interested me, seeing the changing trends over the fashion events of the year and experimenting myself with different colours, shapes and textures. So I thought I would show you a simple yet effective nail design: ladybird nails! A cute and easy design that will leave your nails looking great (short or long nails) and all your friends will be dead jealous (speaking from experience)! So here we go:
Step 1: Apply a base coat to keep your nails protected and reduce the possibility of splitting. I use Superdrug’s ‘3-in-1 base coat, ridge filler & Growth Enhancer’, inexpensive and does what it says on the tin!
Step 2: Use 2 coats of a red (real red) nail varnish. I used Nails Inc ‘St James polish’ but I also   recommend Barry M ‘262 Bright Red’ for a real red look.
Step 3: Paint a black semi circle on the tip of the nail (cover round third of nail). I used  Barry M  ’47 Black’.
Step 4: A black line is needed to separate the shell on your bug. I used the Barry M ‘Nail art pen’ in  black which was easy to control and, again, inexpensive. However, unless you have a nail art brush set, you could take the brush from an old nail varnish, wash it and trim the brush to create a thin brush perfect for fiddly lines or designs.
Step 5: Paint 3 dots on each side of the line, preferably parallel to each other. This can be done  with either a nail pen or the tip of a normal black varnish.
Step 6: Final step to create the eyes, paint two white spots (e.g. Barry M Matte White) within the  black semi circle, and then place black dots within the white spots. Now you have cute ladybirds across your finger tips!
There you have it: cute nails in no time at all. Hope you enjoyed this post – let’s hope that Caroline lets me loose on here again!