Winter is coming!

Socks, Tealights and Jumper: Primark | Duck: Topshop
So when shopping for something entirely different, I came home with these little treasures.
The jumper: since last year, my Mum has been set on producing her own Christmas cards – with the family on the front. Unfortunately, last year, she was too late with the idea and all the jumpers were sold out. So this year – we’re on it! It’s not even November yet and we’re all set ready to have our photo taken for the front of the Christmas card. Worryingly, my Mum and I will be wearing jumpers saying “Nice Baubles”, while my sisters says “Jingle My Bells” – all from the lovely Primark if you’d like to find an equally tasteful Christmas jumper! However, I also really liked this Santa jumper which seems a bit more wearable so I picked it up as well!
The cosy socks and tealights I picked up while in the queue – they caught my eye! My boyfriend always says I love highlighter colours, and the pair of ‘popcorn socks’ I have on right now are the bright pink of a melted highlighter. They are just so cosy – it makes me look forward to winter so I can stay inside and keep warm.
This rubber duck is something everyone should have! When placed in a bath, it lights up a variety of colours – how amazing. I am not one for having baths, but I couldn’t resist this idea – I might start, especially in Winter.
What things are making you look forward to Winter?