Sale Steal 1: Croc Skirt

Coat: Barbour | Shirt: Primark | Skirt: Topshop SALE | Bag: Zara | Shoes: ASOS SALE | Socks: Topshop


So here is my first sale steal post (with a few Christmas presents thrown in!). A few days after Christmas I quickly raided the Topshop sale (after browsing for hours online first of course), before hopping on a train to see the boy. I found this B.E.A-utiful skirt in the sale, down from £34 to £20. I was so happy – I’ve been in search of an everyday A-Line skirt for a while now, waiting for the perfect one (can’t keep it unless you love it), so here it is! A little navy number to break up the black skirts in my wardrobe. The front is Crocodile PU material with a denim black back and boy is this thing wearable! It’s slimming, the waistline is big enough to tuck a jumper into but not unflatteringly so, and it doesn’t ride up as I walk (unlike bodycon) – I’m in love!
Got my little glitter socks on again with my ASOS boots – these beautiful things have become my go-to-shoe. They go with skirts and jeans and dresses – who could ask for more?! And there’s the presents! First, my Kate Spade necklace from Selfridges – the best friend and I bought each other matching ones for Christmas/a very late 20th birthday present and it’s so perfect, though I’m scared of getting any kind of finger print on it, but I haven’t taken it off yet!
Then there’s my new ring, thanks to the boy. Always had my eye on this cute little Pandora ring, and he listened! I had to change the photo to black and white though – major close up!
Few more sale steals coming your way this week – glad to be back in my uni house, but so much work to do! Wish me luck!