New Year, New Stationery






Appointment Stickers, Paper Tapes and Brown Notebook: Paperchase | Blue Notebook: ASOS | Diary: Caroline Gardner
So I’ve been stuck inside most of this this week and last, busy writing my dissertation (which was handed in on Monday – yay!), and working on two other coursework deadlines. To make myself a little happier, I gathered all my new stationery together to admire it and share it with you!
The appointment stickers were a Christmas present from the boy – a perfect choice for me – knowing me well, he bought me two packs, and I’ve almost used up the first one! I love sticking them on different days, writing in birthdays and appointments – the stickers make me want to organise things just to use them!
I’ve had this little diary stashed away since October, waiting for 2014 to open it. It’s a day-to-a-page diary, but so small and neat it fits in my handbag and doesn’t make much difference weight-wise! I’m so happy with it.
The blue notebook was another Christmas present from my Mum – see a theme here? I love the bright cover and contrasting pages – it’s almost too pretty to spoil. I love collecting new notebooks and finding a purpose for them, this one will be for my lists I think!
The paper tapes I picked up during the Paperchase sale, it’s so handy they come in this little container that keeps them all together with a sharp edge to tear them neatly, I’ve been using these for making cards recently, but can’t wait to find other things to use them for!