A few new favourites

So it’s official, my birthday is now finally over. After a weekend in Paris – details coming soon – and a night out in Newcastle, I have come to terms with the idea of being an official adult.

I was lucky enough to gain a few perfect presents from my family and friends, so I thought I’d share these new accessory staples and favourite things with you.

1. My new, beautiful Nixon watch. I found this beauty on the ASOS website just after Christmas and had been saving it for my 21st. I love the leather strap and perfectly white face (I was definitely one of those people who keep the little stickers on for as long as possible for fear of scratching).e

2. My name necklace. My Mum and I took inspiration from similar name necklaces and took to designing my very own. It is absolutely perfect, I have worn it almost everyday since – I love it.

3. Chocolate! It’s no secret I’m a chocaholic, with my drawers full of a selection of chocolates saved for a rainy day it is clear as day to see. So it’s nice to know every one of my friends understands. With almost every present I received, chocolate accompanied it. Easter chocolate is my fave, and although the packets are getting smaller year on year, it is now being released in December time until Easter – score! So here I have a fair bit of chocolate to work through as I work on my final projects for university.

4. Finally, a lovely surprise from my Mum (found on notonthehighstreet.com). A little summary of me, from when I was little to me now, she knows me so well!