A Weekend in Paris: Saturday

So on our second day in Paris, our first stop was the Eiffel Tower. The Sun was (just about) out, so we headed to the Tower, and I closed my eyes all the way to the top. The queue took just about forever (we didn’t book – bad decision!), and as we went further up it got colder and windier. Which reminds me, I must point out one of my favourite things about this coat – wearing a skater skirt in windy conditions is not a problem!
 This is my new favourite outfit, I saw in on another fashion blog and knew I had to have it so went into town to look for it. The material is lovely almost sweatshirt material that kept me cosy. My first matching two-piece (definitely more to follow)! I also changed my vans for my little black boots Рthey are definitely my best buy since Christmas!



¬†Told you it was windy high up! This was only the second platform, but I refused to get my phone out to take any photos – I was so scared of it falling over the side. The boy was much braver, poking his camera through the railings to take a bird’s eye shot.
After we’d been to the top where I’d kept as far away from the edge as possible (heights aren’t my favourite), we made our way to the Champs Elysees where we had a late lunch and wandered along before I spotted Laduree, which was featured in Gossip Girl. I just had to go in! The inside was decorated in an old-fashioned but beautiful kind of way, and I bought my Mum and sister a box of macaroons in six different flavours. The cakes looked incredible too! Here I am stood outside with my little green bag (I was just so happy to have one)!
Later that evening we visited Montmatre as the Sun set – the boy promised me we would see the Eiffel Tower light up. This was by far one of my favourite places we visited. Seeing Paris lit up at night was something pretty spectacular with such a happy atmosphere as everyone gathered on the steps and a busker took requests. In this light, Paris really is the city of love – incroyable.