Pins I Love: Chocolate


Almost every year for lent, I give up chocolate. Being a well known choc-aholic, this is a particularly difficult task for me. A lover of all Easter chocolate, and with several of my friends and family birthday’s falling in March and April, it is arguably one of the most difficult times of the year to give up.
When I gave up chocolate the first time, I replaced it with biscuits – digestives, rich tea, ginger etc. Four years on and I’m still a biscuit addict, favouring savoury over sweet options. However, creme eggs, mini eggs and most of all, malteaster bunnies are still my downfall. So far, so good this year. The boy and I decided to give up together – he lasted only a few days and has since eaten my entire chocolate stash before promising to replace it.
It appears since I’ve given up, I’ve been pinning a lot of chocolate and cake recipes, so I thought I’d share a few of my favourites I’ve found. I love the idea of the slutty cheesecake brownies – I can’t wait for April 20th so I can try making them!
Do you know of any incredible recipes I can try once lent is over?