Nails: Model’s Own

So last week Models Own launched their speckled collection and I just had to get my hands on it! After carefully analysing my current nail collection to make sure I didn’t get anything too similar, I opted for the Swan Speckled, Luis Lemon and Blue Glint HyperGel Polishes.

The parcel arrived and the hardest part was choosing which one to paint on first. With the speckled polish the one I was really waiting for – I chose this one. I’m off chocolate for lent so being able to have mini eggs on the end of my nails is a little difficult but I love love LOVE this polish.

I’m always a little sceptical to try new brands of nail varnishes as I’m never sure how long they’ll last on my nails. These are my first Models Own polishes and I can honestly say I’m impressed – they’ve lasted 5 days so far and still going strong! Not even a hint of a chip at the edges (apart from where I caught one of them peeling potatoes, ouch).

┬áThis is the speckled varnish I decided to try out – it needed three coats to make the colour as opaque as this but it lasted forever on my nails (this was taken almost a week after painting). However, definitely don’t forget your base coat – I forgot and the glitter in the polish made it a little difficult to get off!
┬áThis was definitely a favourite of mine, my nails were just so bright – I kept noticing them, as did everyone else – I got so many compliments! It’s going to be perfect when I have a tan!
Finally, the HyperGel blue – this was the thickest of the polishes I tried so took two coats to make perfect! It’s definitely as shiny as a gel polish (I’m not sure the photo captures it that well)!
My sister also got 3 Model’s Own polishes so I’ll let you have a look at those soon!