Happy Birthday Blog!

A year ago today, I was on a one way trip to London for three months to start my internship at plus size designer Anna Scholz. After starting and failing a couple of times to keep a fashion blog, I thought of this as the perfect time to start properly.

I began documenting my time in London, and tried to post my outfits, struggling with no one to take my photos for me and no tripod for self timer. Although it took me a couple of months to find my name Carry On Caroline – thank you to all those who brainstormed with me – I am proud to say I’ve been blogging for a year!
Over the past month or so, posts have been a little scarce, but this was due to my massive workload for my final project at University. I’m now free(!) so have plenty of time to catch up on this blog and post a whole host of new clothes (because I’ve still been buying hehe).
Thank you for reading and following me over the past year, there’s lots more to come!