I’m feeling 22…

A clichéd line if there ever was one (thanks to Taylor Swift). I turned 22 at the beginning of this month and managed to stretch the occasion from the start of the week right until the very end with various celebrations (classic me!). My house mates woke me with pancakes for breakfast, along with a giant chocolate cupcake and Taylor Swift playing outside my room. Walsh took me for a romantic dinner in London, and the family celebrated with me a little early. Not forgetting my Leeds girls gathering for Sunday lunch – a fabulous way to celebrate another year!

Twenty two seems pretty grown up. It’s got to that stage that, when watching shows like The Voice, those 16 or 17 year olds that you used to watch and say “they’re my age!” are now, in fact, several years younger than you. And then you realise the next big birthday is turning 30 – uh oh!

Never one to be put down – 22 is going to be a fab – fab appears to be my new word – year. More blogging, London life, Disneyland Paris(!), Glastonbury in June, finishing my first year of official full time work and hopefully a lot more!

So here’s me on my birthday – with all twenty two candles (it’s becoming a fire hazard)!