A little indulgence

A couple of purchases I’ve made recently, and have fallen in love with!
The Bobbi Brown Face Base is my new favourite skin care product ever. It smells absolutely incredible and makes my skin feel amazing. I recently made the decision to do a little skin care overhaul and start taking care of it properly (i.e putting away the quick face wipe and starting a routine including a decent cleanser and toner). I started researching and reading the reviews, and for this everyone was so complimentary!
It’s labelled a ‘face base’ as it also includes a primer, meaning my make up stays on and looks just that little bit better. Did I mention this smells incredible?
On the topic of lovely smells, this candle is a little something I picked up for John Lewis as a treat to myself. (I was actually buying one as a present for Simon, but thought I’d treat myself too)! It fills the room with a sweet smell and I love the pale pink colour of it. I think I’m becoming a little obsessed with candles – I seem to pick them up wherever I go, but more on that soon!