July: What I’ve been reading

So 8 months into my London life, I decided my 45 minute commute could actually be somewhere to take some time out and do something I never do at night (I just love sleep too much!) – and start reading again.
I say again, because I used to be the biggest book worm at school, I love a hard-hitting and emotional novel, but also appreciate some good “chick-lit”, as my Mum calls it. I do have to admit I’m a little guilty of choosing books by their covers.
I’ve been taking advantage of the Amazon 3 for £10 offer, and have got through quite a few in the last few weeks, so I thought I’d share my thoughts on them with you – some Summer reading!
1. The Legacy of Elizabeth Pringle
My first dive back into reading on the tube. This book holds so many twists and turns, and is written from two perspectives in alternate chapters, which makes it a gripping novel as you have to get through the other character’s chapter to find out what happens to the other, but both characters (Elizabeth and Martha) draw you in to their stories.
2. Elizabeth is Missing
Elizabeth is missing is told from the perspective of Maud, a grandmother with Alzheimer’s disease. This book is particularly poignant and shares what life is like with a failing memory, and the frustration that can bring, both with herself and the people around her, while she looks for her lost friend, but which brings another memory to mind.
3. Miss Sinclair’s Suitcase
An overwhelmingly incredible story, also told from two perspectives in a ‘then and now’ kind of way, going back and forth between the present day and the Second World War.
Roberta, the ‘now’ narrator of the story, discovers a letter written to her grandmother from her grandad, but dated after the day he supposedly died at war. The book follows the story of Roberta discovering both the story behind the letter and herself in the process, while we learn new pieces of the plot and become equally as involved with Dorothy’s story, set in the 1940’s.
4. Fractured by Dani Atkins
So I picked this for a light read on my recent spa day, but boy was I in for a surprise. It took me less than 24 hours to read this book – I literally couldn’t put it down. Taken on a roller coaster of emotions, this book is truly incredible and one of my favourites recently. I can’t really describe it without giving anything away so take a look at the blurb and read as fast as you can!
5. What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty
A really lovely story, about a Mum called Alice, who hits her head and forgets absolutely everything from the last decade, and her journey to try to remember. I really liked this one, an easy read and a lot of romance with an interesting twist. Well worth a read.


6. Us by David Nicholls


Yes, yes and yes again! As the quotes read on the front, “heartbreaking”, but beautifully so. An incredible read that I am putting at the top of my recommendations list. You may be sensing a little bit of a recurring theme throughout these novels – I am a little bit in favour of the romantic will-it-be-heartbreak? kind of novel. I love falling into a book and becoming completely involved in every aspect of the character’s life and learning to think like them through the book and trying to predict what’s next. Though in this book, things are always a little unexpected, but I found myself smiling at the book on the tube every morning.
Have you got any book recommendations for me?

2 thoughts on “July: What I’ve been reading

  1. I read Fractured a while back, and fell completely in love with it. The struggles Rachel sees, and the topsy-turvy nature of the story really makes you feel like you're in her shoes! It is really hard to describe without giving anything away, isn't it?
    I'll have to check some of these books out, you have me intrigued!
    Eve @ Pen & Key <3

  2. Yes it is! It's a great book and definitely at the top of my recommended list!

    If you loved Fractured, try Us – it's just as lovely. Hope you enjoy!x

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