Lovely little things…


…I wish I had room for!

Phone case | Trinket jar | Jewellery box | Star planter | Flamingo candle |
Toothbrush holder | Magazine holder | Notebook

So I’ve been browsing the sales this week, which has ultimately led to me browsing the entire site and loving everything that is not in the sale (which makes it a lot less easier to justify, ahem)…oh well!

I’m also faced with a lack of storage in my current flat in London (the wardrobe is chocka), and the surfaces are all strewn with…well, everything. From jewellery to magazines and make up (and maybe  a few lovely smelling candles!) So these beautiful jars and boxes would make all that mess just a little bit prettier, don’t you think?

I love the little flamingo toothbrush holder! Although it’s definitely one to look out for somewhere cheaper, but it would look so cute in the bathroom! And obviously, everyone needs another pink candle and a pretty notebook, am I right?


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