The blogger essential | Fujifilm Instax Mini

Every blogger seems to have one, but mine came in the form of a Christmas present from Walsh! I’d been eyeing these fun little cameras up for a while after seeing them pop up everywhere and boy do I love it!
Though obviously I started snapping straight away on Christmas Day, I’ve started taking it to all kinds ¬†of events and even just on days out in London – it’s pretty light and fits in my slightly bigger handbags. I love the effect of the film on the photographs and how they all stack so neatly together. I’m currently in the middle of finding a cute little box I can store them all in. Each photo produces something unique, which is a little different from the way you use a digital camera, and these are printed to keep – something I always forget to do with my digital photos!
My favourite little mini series of photos so far is these Glastonbury ones – we were pretty lucky with the weather, although I have to say it is worth changing the cloudy/sunny/dark settings to make sure you don’t get a white out (as we found out).
The film is a little expensive, but I find buying in blocks of 20 the best to keep me topped up. Though maybe the 100 photos bundle will be on my christmas list! I’ve also recently discovered the different types of film you can get, from rainbow to dalmatian borders. I have to say though, my favourite of the lot is these candy dots – a little more expensive per photo but perhaps for a special occasion these would really stand out!