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I have always been a fan of going for the “less is more” make up look, playing around with fairly basic foundation-bronzer-eyeliner-eyebrows-done kind of make up, which doesn’t take too much effort.
But as Summer came, my foundation of choice (Armani), started feeling a little heavy and was missing that vital ingredient I have started to look out for in my face bases: SPF and UVA protection (never mind the fact my glastonbury-burn-turned-tan made it a few shades too light for me). Usually with a tan, I skip foundation in favour of a fresh face and eyeliner, but as I am now a working gal, I needed something to wear to the office daily. So I read up on a few potentials and took myself to Boots where I perused the aisles and tried several different tinted moisturisers, as you do.
I wanted a fairly inexpensive one for a couple of reasons – firstly as this is more of a Summer thing for me, so soon enough I will be back to my full foundation, and secondly, because I was looking for a slightly darker shade of cover and my tan is likely to fade faster than I care to admit! An orange face is not the look I’m going for, don’t worry.
While I was originally looking for a tinted moisturiser, I came across this BB (standing for blemish balm, who knew?) cream from No. 7. I’ve always been a bit sceptical of the BB/CC/EE creams as they have been cropping up all over the place, but this one is different! It’s quite moisturising on my skin, which means it’s potentially a little shiny when first applied, but I did go for the Normal/Dry option. It evens out the colour on my face and just blurs the lines a little, I love seeing the difference once I’ve done half of my face! It wasn’t the cheapest of the bunch but it was by far the best textured liquid. It stays in place all day and a little goes a long way!
Who knew how much I could write so much about one product?!

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  1. I'm a bit wary of BB/CC creams too I don't really know much about them! Might have to give them a whirl now…
    Emma x

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