NYC | The Outfits

 Dress: ASOS (similar here)
So here I am crossing the Brooklyn Bridge like it’s no biggie. I absolutely love this candy stripe dress from ASOS and it’s become something of a summer day’s staple. Paired with my brightest pink lipstick – MAC’s Candy YumYum – and pink nails, this was a perfect summer city dress.
 Dress: Urban Outfitters (This one is a little old, so the alternatives are here, here and here)
Now this little number I found in the UO sale a while back, for a mere £12! It’s also a great length and keeps it’s shape, though I usually tie the straps in knots to keep it decent up top.
 Top: ASOS | Shorts: River Island via ASOS
So do you remember that day back in July when it was 35 degrees? That one day? Well, I pretty much melted right there and then, which started a shopping spree for “what can I wear to the office/on the tube/all day without melting?” (work clothes are such a good excuse to shop). Well, enter these shorts, stage right. Tailored and high waisted but actually long enough to be decent. However, seeing as it was just that one sweltering day, these shorts were in the wardrobe awaiting their first outing, which came in NYC, matched with this cami top from asos. On the steps of blogger dreams, no less!
 Top: Primark (similar here) | Shorts: ASOS
What can I say about this one – I was clearly happy to be back on the rowing boats in Central Park. But I thought this top deserved a little mention – sticking to the strappy top theme, I love this one from Primark as it can be dressed up with heels and black jeans, or down for the daytime like this. It’s also quite flattering as it’s a little cropped which suits high waisted jeans or shorts.
Shirt & Shorts: Monki

You might remember these lovely items from Monki from my past posts here and here. Well I felt it was time to finally debut them as an all in one – and I have to say, I LOVE IT. I’m gutted it’s no longer warm enough or socially acceptable to walk around in a shirt and shorts in London, but I love this co-ord from Monki and will definitely be keeping an eye on their printwear all year round.

The pony- and fish- tail also came into play throughout the holiday I can’t lie – it was just so warm!

There’s a little something missing from all of these pictures, my feet maybe? Well I can tell you walking miles everyday meant only one thing: wearing only the comfiest shoes I own. Welcome my new (and old) trainers:
My nikes are my safety net – after just one week in London I knew my footwear had to change, which resulted in these beautiful things. I’d never really worn trainers before, but now I just can’t stop myself. These are the comfiest things I’ve ever worn, and I will definitely be reinvesting when they wear out.