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Clinique 3 Step 1 | 2 | 3 or introduction kit
Please put your hands together and welcome an incredible line up of skin care products. The newest addition to my bathroom shelves, I have fallen in love and finally understand why people stick to those 3/4/5 step routines day and night (I have never previously been able to stick to a proper skin care routine for more than a week).
I picked up these products in New York on my way home (dollars and duty free!) – I’ve been looking at trying out a full skin care routine for some time, having turned to micellar water but wondering about the long term effects on my skin. I’d heard good things about the Clinique 3 Step Routine, taking my friends’ recommendation. I dived straight in and bought the larger products, but I’ve just discovered this introduction pack on John Lewis which is probably a more sensible place to start! I took the consultants advice when it came to my skin, getting type 2 for normal skin which seems to be working well for me.
Though I’m lucky to say my skin is pretty okay generally, though sometimes dehydrated, I do tend to get little bumps along my jawline and under chin which aren’t very noticeable but I can feel them. These bumps have smoothed out after just a few weeks using this 3 step formula morning and night. The consultant also said it would allow other products to soak in better on my face as the exfoliator opens pores. I still use my Bobbi Brown moisturiser before I put on my make up each day – it’s still my favourite product and I trust it to keep my skin hydrated and looking fresh.
What do you use for your skin care routine?

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  1. Annoyingly I could never get that moisturiser to work for me – in theory it should've been great on my skin but just wasn't!
    The clarifying sounds great though 🙂

    Misia xx |

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