NYC | The Make Up

So while in New York City, I took major advantage of the pounds-dollars discount (although it wasn’t always a lot, you gotta save where you can!) and took my first visit to Sephora, so as you can guess, I picked up a few little essentials and have since had time to use them properly to give you my verdict, so here it goes!
I have always been a Marc Jacobs “Oh, Lola!” girl until just recently, when I decided to try and experiment with a new fragrance (and pick a new pretty bottle of course!). So while in several shops I sniffed out a few lovelies and went for this one in the end (but not just because it’s beautiful).
I love the Floral Drops smell, though I’m not sure exactly how long it lasts – whether it stays all day or I’m just used to the smell already, but I do love a good spray of this. Whether it will be my next personal fragrance, we shall see, but I think I’m still up for more of an experiment before I settle for my next full time fragrance.

Well I guess the name gives it away with this one – the glaze effect on this lipstick is something I have fallen in love with. It just adds a subtle shade of pink to my lips, so I use it as an everyday lipstick, whether I go smoky eyed or the classic winged eyeliner it just finishes the look!

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Venezia
This is something I spotted over on, one of my favourite bloggers. I don’t usually see things on blog posts and buy straight away – I like to test them out for myself first and do a little research, but I just adored this colour, so when I saw it in Ulta, I snapped it up. It’s such a bright pop and I love wearing it (you can see it in action over here). It dries completely matte but stays all day (well I guess it’s in the title!) – what a find! I may even have to take a look at the other shades for my Christmas wishlist…

I discovered these velvet shadow sticks after investing in the T by Terry Ombre Backstair¬†Bronze Moon shadow stick and falling in love, but I’ll tell you more about that in another post! This shadow stick is a little cheaper than the T by Terry range, so I thought I’d try it out. I picked a soft pink colour to add either with eyeliner over my whole lid, or as a base coat for a more smoky eye. It glides on beautifully and stays well. I will definitely be looking into the other shades. These shadow sticks save so much time in a morning and look lovely on their own too!

Not a major mascara fan myself, I often skip it as I can’t be bothered to try and take it off in the evening (tips on how to do so are welcome!). On the occasion I do, which I have to say is becoming more frequent I like it look quite natural. I first discovered this one with a sample, and loved it so picked up the real thing, and my sister did the same. It really lengthens rather than thickens the lashes, meaning there are never any clumps, but it layers up nicely to give the full effect.

Unfortunately, this beauty of an eyeliner is only available in the US. Luckily I found out about it through my sister, who sent me with a “small” list of products to pick up, and as I’m always on the hunt for a better felt tip eyeliner, I thought I’d give it a whirl. Now let me tell you – I’ve not looked back! I’ve been using this beauty since the day I bought it, and can not get over it. Though my last eyeliner was a good one, by the end of the day my flicks would be a little more smudged that sharp and the lines would have printed onto my lids as I opened my eyes. Not this little gem though – literally like a tattoo (well, obviously Caroline) it stays in place, so much so I’ve placed an order for when
So that’s my little roundup of all things beauty. You might’ve noticed a little more beauty content over here: since I posted my Basic Make up post a little while ago, I’ve been inspired by a few beauty bloggers and my two go to make up geniuses – my best friend and my sister¬†and upped my beauty game! Let me know if you like these posts – I’ve got a few more up my sleeve!