The Trusty Backpack

Backpack: Urban Outfitters (similar here & here)

So here’s me and my trusty new backpack – thank you Urban Outfitters. I decided I wanted a pretty (yet practical!) rucksack before my New York adventure, and now I walk to work, I thought it would be a pretty good investment piece to keep my shoulders in check! Cue this new rucksack never leaving my side from it’s arrival onwards (unless I’m taking Kate out for a ride, but that’s another story…).
It was a close call between this one and this Cambridge Satchel special, but the suede and size of the Urban Outfitters one won me over (and 20% off may have had a little say in it too!). However, this rucksack saw me through 11 days of travelling, from being jam packed full of plane essentials to the day to day tourist accessories and has kept me going to and from work ever since.
I adore the colour of this bag – and so do many others it seems as it’s since sold out! But it really does go with absolutely everything in my wardrobe (even pale pink!), and is definitely one of those Autumn shades.
Being real suede and leather, I was worried about the upkeep and sprayed all the suede before I left for NY with protector – I needn’t have worried since we didn’t have a drop of rain during our trip. However, I was so grateful I had when we arrived back at London Bridge tube and had to sprint home in just a t-shirt and jeans with my suitcase in tow in the pouring (and I mean pouring) rain. Classic English welcome right there.
I think London has turned me – I would have never considered a rucksack or pair of trainers stylish back in Leeds, but here I am praising them…and I really do love them both!