Lipstick Loves #1 | Beauty

As you might’ve guessed, I’m slowly experimenting more with make up, rather than just my daily basics. One of the main things I love using more and more are bright lipsticks! I’ve been hunting high and low for my favourites, and have recently acquired a few more to share with you!


So, after lusting over everything Burberry beauty for a while, I visited the interactive(!) shop in Covent Garden one weekend while my friend Laura was visiting. I’d originally seen the Burberry Kisses campaign as part of my university research some time ago, and had been desperately wanting one for a while!
I originally went in looking for “Ruby”, the shade that Suki Waterhouse wears in the adverts, but was shown Union Red, a slightly darker tone than the typical pillarbox red lip, and I love it! It’s a bold lip, but a really flattering colour on me, and the Kisses range really do build up on your lip as promised, meaning I can wear this one day to day or go all out, and it moisturises all day long. (I also love this packaging – it’s beautifully sculptured and the top is magnetic, so it clicks back into place perfectly – well worth the price tag in my opinion).
I’ve had this shade for a little while now, and it’s definitely more of a winter shade, which means it can come back out in full force this November! It’s a matte finish lipstick, so I usually take some form on lip balm with me to put on in-between applications as my lips can feel quite dry if I’m wearing it for while.
During the 20% off Carnaby Street sale a while ago, I headed for the Illamasqua Store, hidden away on Beak Street. I already had in mind a more neutral, day to day, lip colour, but a noticeable one. After standing in the store taking selfies for twenty minutes (well I had to ask for advice from a few people didn’t I?), I decided on this lovely shade. Again, it’s a matte one so long lasting, but I think it’s a particularly good day to day one when using lip balm before applying as it gives it a nice shine.

Well hello my new favourite! There is a little bit of a story behind this purchase – I spotted someone on the tube putting it on and fell in love, but I was too far away to ask what shade it was. However, I could see the full black MAC casing which narrowed it down a little! So, as soon as I could I went to the nearest MAC store and hunted it down – and now it’s mine! (cue evil laughter). This one is a “sheen supreme”, which means it looks fresh for hours, and just brightens up my day every time I wear it (which appears to be 90% of the time as of late).