Getting crafty for Christmas | a different kind of wreath

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to take part in #24DaysofWren. Wren Kitchens are creating an interactive advent calendar, which is something I am very excited to be part of! Watch this space for more crafty bloggers and the final piece!

With the advent calendar revolving around getting crafty in time for Christmas, I immediately began hunting through Pinterest for ideas and inspiration, to find something I would actually like to put up at home, and came across this idea which I’ve adapted and love! Behind my advent door, I decided to share how to create a different kind of wreath, not the natural kind, but one that displays all my Christmas cards (and anything else I fancy for that matter!).


You will need:
Wire coat hanger & scissors
Red pony beads (or similar – I used polystyrene balls)
Clothes pegs (preferably wooden)
Green spray paint
Red ribbon
Some photographs and Christmas cards (as many as you like!)

Step One
In a well covered space, lay out your clothes pegs and spray away using your spray paint! (Living in a flat in London with no garden, this was a little challenging, but it turns out giant ASOS boxes do have their uses!). I also tried painting, but the spray definitely left a better and more even effect. Leave to dry for ten minutes or so,┬áthen turn over and cover the other side too. Keep going until you’ve covered all sides, or go for a shabby chic look like I have, and leave the sides a natural wood colour.

Step Two
While your pegs dry, take your coat hanger and bend it into a circular shape.

Step Three
Clip, clip and clip again! (But make sure those clothes pegs are dry…) Taking your clothes pegs and beads (or balls), alternately thread one bead onto the wire, then clip a peg immediately after it, creating the ‘holly berries and leaves’ effect. I managed to use the wire to poke through the centre of the polystyrene and thread them on like beads.

Step Four
Loop your choice of ribbon through the circle and tie as you like, I’ve chosen a simple bow.

Step Five
Hang wherever you like and add your Christmas cards and whatever else you fancy. I’ve added in some of my polaroids while I wait for more Christmas cards to arrive!

There you have it! A cheap, easy and crafty idea for a wreath with a difference! It’s also a pretty useful noticeboard in the meantime, or you could even take a look at these crafty pegs and make somebody an advent calendar wreath. I’m definitely full of festive cheer now and ready for my Christmas holidays so if you fancy sending me a Christmas card, you know where it’ll be going. Count down to Christmas now with me and many other crafty bloggers with Wren Kitchens!