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Now, I may be a little late to the party (fashionably so?), but I’d like to introduce you to one of my latest indulgences…the original naked palette.
I have to admit, I bought this on a whim when out make up shopping with my sister in Covent Garden, and it stayed in it’s packaging for a couple of weeks. Although I was (and still am) in love with the colours, having seen so many YouTube videos and tutorials, I was a little overwhelmed and not sure where to start with this beautiful palette.
However, after staring at it just a little too long, I finally dived in and started at the beginning (a very good place to start…) and now I can’t put it down. I’ve almost totally overhauled my usual feline flick (though it’s always a statement fall back!) and experiment daily with my favourite shades. I usually stick to either golden or rose shades and try not to mix them (yet!). The colours are beautiful, and I’ve never had an eyeshadow that stays all day and is so perfectly pigmented. I sometimes finish off my eyes with a velvet pencil liner, though I do like using the thinner end of the UD brush to blend out the darker brown or blacks instead. My favourite shades are half baked, smog and dark house blended into a smoky eye at the moment. I am in love, but still practising!

3 thoughts on “Naked Palette | Beauty

  1. I am also late to the party on this one as I still haven't tried it but have asked for it for Christmas. I must say I also usually go with the cat eye look but want to try and change things up a bit x

    Moany Mouse | Scottish Lifestyle Blog

  2. Girl, I'm late to the UD bandwagon too! I keep debating whether or not I should get one of these Naked palettes.

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