Daphne | Lulu Guinness

Perhaps I should make Friday my new post day? Wednesday is not working out well for me this year, but bear with me! I’ve been pretty busy the past couple of weeks getting back into my work routine and also tackling Simon’s birthday last week. I say tackling, because he is one difficult guy to surprise. But I did manage to surprise him a little – even if I did spoil it before the big day. You might’ve seen on my instagram we spent a long weekend exploring Edinburgh. But more on that coming soon!
So after featuring my new favourite Lulu bag, I thought it was about time I shared my first Lulu purchase – the Daphne. Daphne (yes, my bags have names…) was a 21st birthday present of mine from my Grandma, and I’m still as in love as I was then. My Mum originally introduced me to Lulu Guinness, being an avid fan herself, and it seems I’m following in her footsteps – between us we seem to be building a collection.
What do I love about this bag? Well, let’s start with the leather shall we? It’s as smooth as can be, feeling like a little bit of luxury. There’s also the polished leather version, but I have to say, the smooth is my preferred choice. This is my feeling-fancy-but-got-a-bit-to-carry handbag! It goes with everything and definitely suits me as I love sorting my things into sections, and aren’t those lips just the perfect finishing touch?