Edinburgh Eats | Travel

Do you ever find that when writing a list of what you’ve actually done, or where you’ve been, it looks much shorter than you thought it would be? That seems to be the case here! When I think of our time in Edinburgh, it seems to me all we did was eat, though I suppose we were only there for a few days. But here are the places we went, and after that, a list of the places I didn’t get to (but will!) just in case they tickle your fancy!

Breakfast | The Elephant House
So as Walsh is a (pretty) big HP fan, we had to make a stop here for breakfast. Though it took us a little while to find (on account of us being under the bridge and the cafe being on the bridge…), but we were pretty happy when we did find it! We arrived about 10:30 on a Saturday, and it wasn’t too busy, though it quickly filled up while we waited for our food. Though I wouldn’t recommend the pancakes, Simon’s sausage sandwich was the best out of the 3 he had over the weekend, and it’s actually a lovely bright room to sit and natter over a coffee in. Of course, there’s also the toilets you have to go see – it’s unlike anything else, and after the sad news of Alan Rickman, it was really quite poignant.
Breakfast | Jenners
So this one was my Mum’s choice, and you might wonder why breakfast features a slice of cake, but bear with me. Jenner’s is an old department store (which is now more House of Fraser on the inside), but the exterior and sign has been preserved, and the top floor cafe is really hidden away and something else in terms of interior. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo, but the white leather booths and lovely views win you over, so much so you want to stay for dessert even after a fry up…

Breakfast | The Edinburgh Larder
This was recommended by our Air BNB hosts, and was handily right around the corner from us in the old town. We were lucky enough to bag the last seats in the place, though I do warn you – they have gone for the cosy feeling placing the tables a little haphazardly but it adds to the feel of the place. My scrambled eggs here were good, and another place that looks good for a coffee and cake!

Hot Chocolate & Cake | Lovecrumbs
You could call this a hidden gem, because we couldn’t find it. In fact, we actually walked past this place with steamed up windows and a subtle sign outside. But walk inside, and you’ll be greeted with this incredible cake stand (be warned: your camera will steam up it’s so cosy). This was an amazing thick hot chocolate, and the mix and match wooden tables – you can even sit in the window! – really added the the cosy, home like atmosphere here. I could have worked my way through the cakes if we didn’t have so much exploring to do, but I will definitely be back.

Dinner | Civerinos
I found this recommendation on whatoliviadid.com, one of my favourites, and figured it was a good stop before we went out later in the evening for cocktails. Though a little squished (more as the benches are hard to get in and out of than being sat too close to other people), we sat on the large shared table in the middle and ordered a pizza for two, and fries which was plenty and so good! These mini doughnuts with a side of nutella for dipping pretty much finished me off, but they were so worth it! There’s also a nutella calzone which the couple next to us shared – you will definitely want to share it! – but it looked amazing.

Dinner | Burgers & Beers
Burgers & Beers was our first stop after arriving in Edinburgh and it was a great introduction. Although perhaps a little on the pricey side, they more than made up for it in amount! The sweet potato fries were perfectly crispy (something that seems to be rare in London), and the burger was something a little different but so tasty. So much so we had no room for dessert, so rolled down the hill to our air bnb afterwards.

Places for next time:
Mimi’s Bakehouse (cupcakes & french toast)
Spoon (breakfast or lunch)
Scran & Scallie (a good pub lunch or dinner)
Mary’s Milk Bar (hot chocolate floats – why oh why were you closed!)
Wellington Coffee (hot chocolate)
Cuckoo’s Bakery (cupcakes & hot chocolate)

I hope this gives you a few ideas if you’re out and about in Edinburgh. I can’t wait to go again and finish my list! You might have noticed we missed lunch – but thinking back it seems we survived off cake and hot chocolates! When in Rome…