Time for a catch up

So if you were following me on Instagram last week, you will have seen a couple of snowy posts. I’ve just returned from Iceland, and it was so so so good!┬áIt’s a strange thing trying to Instagram on holiday I’ve decided. Simultaneously, I want to show everyone what’s happening and how amazing everything is, but I also want to take a step back from social media, relax and enjoy myself while I’m there. However, there’s plenty of photos to come from my trip – so keep an eye out!
This post is just a little one to tell you a few things and catch you up on all things me! So here we go -I’m just back from Iceland, so you can expect a new post once I’ve managed to gather together all of the photos we took (though this won’t be an #ootd post I can assure you – mainly as I spent all of my time in several layers and my scarf up past my nose and hat just above my eyes, always a good look…), but things we did and things we’d love to go back for!
Secondly, I’m so happy to come back from holiday and finally be leaving work in light hours – welcome back evenings! This means hopefully I’ll be able to get my flat lay on and produce some more beauty content for y’all, so watch out!
I’ve been reading a few articles recently about wearing things again and again, and taking a good look at my wardrobe and looking at the things I’ve not worn, and the other things I cannot live without slipping into at least once a week. I’m guilty of seeing something I love, and buying it (along with a few other things I find along the way to the checkout…), but I want to try and create more content showing different ways of wearing the things I already own, and styling them to suit me – this is a pretty big project though!
There’ll be another post soon to update you all on this!
But as Tigger would say – TTFN (Ta-ta for now)!