The Newbies #1 | Beauty

Oh heeey, missed me? So I managed to have one of the busiest weeks of my life last week (dramatic? maybe – but true!). Between running round seeing people for pre-Easter dinners, Adele and work nights out, I didn’t manage to find anytime for a blog post. But have no fear, I am back!

I wanted to get this post out a little earlier, as I am hoping to get a little monthly Skincare post going on here. It’ll let me keep you updated – as I’ve found after posting new products I can often fall out of love, or they can end up not doing good things to my skin after prolonged use, so I wouldn’t want to recommend them and not keep you up to date! So introducing my first impressions of my latest line up…

Trilogy Enzyme Cleansing Cream
I was in for a little skincare overhaul after finishing my Clinique 3 step routine (which I’m planning a little review of soon). So I went to Oxford Street in search of all things new. The women I met at the counter in Debenhams on Oxford Street were so helpful. I personally have a bit of a problem with very red cheeks which it turned out my Clinique toner was making worse. Enter the Trilogy cleansing cream. I’ve been using this to cleanse after removing my make up, and it always makes me feel squeaky clean and ready to absorb all the goodness from everything afterwards.

Trilogy Hydrating Mist TonerHaving been a little concerned at the things the Clinique Toner did to my skin, I was a little sceptical to try again – and is toner really necessary? – but after finding this one on offer I’ve given it a try. It’s hard to say if it’s doing much good as I’ve only just bought it, but I’ll report back in my next skincare post with more info!

Korres Wild Rose SerumLet me start with this: this stuff smells incredible. The rose oil really makes me feel like I’ve pampered myself before bedtime when this soaks into my skin.

The serum was the one highly recommended for soothing my red cheeks, and after chatting to the assistant, she admitted she was wearing no foundation and uses this serum – well, I did a double take. Her skin was flawless. Sold! I always apply this before my moisturiser when my skin is clean to allow it to sink in properly, and my cheeks have most definitely calmed down since I began using this, I wish I had a before and after photo! I’m using this one morning and night, and have even tried mixing it with my foundation as recommended by a lady in Kiehls, for a smoother foundation finish, and it seems to be working! This one was also noted for it’s primer-like abilities, so I’ll keep you updated!

So this one wasn’t on my original purchase list, but I went back to get it after starting to use the Korres serum, and I’ve been slathering this one on every night and it really feels like it’s sinking in and doing my skin good, finishing off my nightly pamper routine nicely.
One thing I would say about this one though, is that it says avoid the upper eye lid area, and it means it – I’ve woken up with gunky, heavy feeling eyes having got a little overexcited with the cream before bed (attractive, I know).It took me a little while to work out the cause of the eye problem, but since avoiding the area completely, my eyes are much better and the rest of my face is bowing down to this creamy pot of goodness!
So that’s my little round up for this month’s first impressions. Have you got any tips or tricks for a good morning and night routine? I’m always on the look out for a good product or two!