A little catch up time with Mum


Having been both Mother’s Day and my Mum’s birthday this month, it seems quite appropriate to talk about someone other than myself for this post – say hi to Sally! My Mum and I are always texting and talking, but living down South in “that London”, while my Mum stays up North can make it a little tricky to find some time for us to actually sit down together and just chat.
Which is why, when this little treat fromĀ The Watchshop popped into my inbox, I jumped at the chance to go for afternoon tea with her. We picked Betty’s as our destination, and waited until the Easter weekend when I (briefly) made my way home for some home comforts. I’ve always loved Betty’s and visited regularly (more so before I moved away), but never had reason to try the afternoon tea. I am usually a fish and chip kinda gal there, but hey – this was something a little fancy. Just look at those cakes! Bettys always has the most beautiful cake trolleys, and I’m never one to turn down dessert, well you know what they say – like mother, like daughter!

Betty’s doesn’t need much of an introduction – this afternoon tea was perfect, as was the hot chocolate I swapped in instead of tea, the definition of a traditional afternoon tea. Perfect little sandwiches, and lovely service as always. The highlight of afternoon tea for me was of course, the cake at the end. And the clotted cream my family will tell you! After a month away from chocolate for lent, I was more than happy to sink my teeth into that mousse.

We chatted away, catching up on our holidays, work and family matters, while I carefully (but expertly) took all the sultanas out of my scone, much to my Mum’s amusement. My Mum is always busy meeting people, working and looking after me and my sister, so it was great to be able to treat her to a cup of tea and a sit down and find out about everything she gets up to while I’m working away down South. It’s also great to get advice from my Mum – I’ll almost always check a new wardrobe or make up decision, but also for more serious things, my Mum is a one stop shop when it comes to knowing what to do!
I’d love to spend more time with my Mum doing all the things that you do without thinking when living at home, but that disappear once you’re only visiting for the weekend! But living in London also has it’s upsides – my Mum comes down to visit and we can do all sorts of things we can’t do at home – new exhibitions, museums, musicals – the list goes on, we’re always on the go when she comes down! We will definitely be making more time for catch ups, sit downs and cake soon!
You can find out a little bit more about why The Watchshop sent us out for afternoon tea here. Till next time Momma –