The Empties & The Not So Empties | Beauty

‘Ello ‘Ello. So I’m very much aware things have been a little beauty and off the beaten fashion track as of late, but bear with me. Some new outfits and travel diaries to come your way as I’ve barely sat down it seems since March started. But to start us off in April, after a look at my newbies – let’s checkout the ones I left behind…(or bought again, as the case may be!)
I reviewed the 3 step routine a while back here. When I first started using these three products, it smoothed out my skin considerably, but I think after a while (they last pretty long at least!), the toner in particular became a little harsh on my skin, and was making my rosy cheeks even more noticeable and my skin just wasn’t feeling as soft. I threw myself in at the deep end and bought the larger bottles of each of the steps, but I’d definitely recommend buying the smaller packs first to sample, as even though at first I thought it was helping, I think it brought out things in my skin and made it feel quite tight instead!
This moisturiser is very rich. Only needing one pump of the moisturiser at a time after the other two steps. However, this baby is still going strong! I’ve mixed this in with my new routine to moisturise in a morning after the serum (using the Korres moisturiser for an intense soak while I sleep). It’s always kept my skin well hydrated, but sometimes makes my nose feel a little greasy once it’s soaked in but this used to be a very dry area on me so I don’t mind too much, I just apply a little less here. Though I probably won’t purchase this again – I prefer the Bobbi Brown Vitamin D Face Base – I’m very happily using this all up and my skin is properly hydrated. Make up no longer gathers in dry patches – yay!
This one was a recommendation while in Space NK looking for a new matte primer. I’m a sucker for some good clean packaging so this little fella had me at hello. It’s a little pricey at £25 for the small size, and I have to say I didn’t feel it lasted that long. The primer supposedly creates a “veil”, smoothing out lumps and bumps, and while it did improve my skin, I would have liked it to work a little harder for the money I paid. I’ve since bought the Estee Lauder matte primer, so I’ll keep you to date on this one.
This one was a Christmas present from my Mum. After sticking with Oh Lola! by Marc Jacobs for Lord knows how many years, and while it’s still a personal favourite, I wanted to try something new. I am one to find and stick with a scent that’s me, rather than change from day to day or even season to season. But this time, change had come and I needed my Mum’s help! I always get so overloaded looking for a new perfume – where do you start?! There’s so many options and only so many you can smell before they all start to merge into one. But my Mum came up with this gem, and I have to say, this may be the new me! I finished this little bottle, and hadn’t managed to find anywhere online with discounts, but a little trip to duty free proved very useful when I managed to snag £12 off RRP!
Until next time!
*I have purchased all of these products myself, so have given my honest opinion for my personal skin type. I hope it helps!