That off the shoulder look | Wishlisting

It seems Spring has well and truly sprung – I’m ignoring the hitch from earlier this week – and with this, comes the ultimate crisis when opening my wardrobe. Having been cosy and comfortable all winter in all black and knitted jumpers, it’s finally time once again to find some colour and show some flesh. Guess that means less comfort eating too…
And so comes my internet wide search for beautiful summer clothes. It’s on this internet search that I’ve found a particular trend a-coming (well, it’s already here!), for the off the shoulder garments. I am a big fan of the cold shoulder, so this is a step in the right direction in my book! I always remember Gok Wan’s Fashion Fix, one of things he said which I’ve always remembered, are the shoulders and collarbones are one of the most flattering things about a woman as they hold very little weight around them…pass me that cake!

I have to admit, those Urban Outfitters pieces will soon be working their way into my wardrobe – got to love a good ice cream shade for Summer!