Lipstick Love #3 | Beauty

You might’ve noticed over on my Instagram I’ve been away recently. New York, New York – what an incredible city. I’ve got posts a-plenty planned over the next few weeks, with restaurant recommendations to boot. Watch this space…When in doubt about a plain outfit – the perfect lip can add that little bit of excitement. It can make a woman feel perfectly primed, ready to face the day. At least that’s how I feel when I add the finishing touches to my make up each morning.

It seems I’ve become a collector of bright and beautiful lipsticks. Picking a couple up here and there, every now and again, means that my separate make up pouch is getting harder and harder to close, and the everyday decision about which to choose becomes even tougher. But I thought I’d show you the ones I’ve grown to rely as of late.

Burberry Bright Plum Lipstick & Lipliner
Starting with the Burberry Bright Plum lipstick, this something that landed in my make up bag without any planning. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know my love for Burberry lipsticks (and in fact, everything Burberry) is big. When Laura last visited me down in London, we took our now traditional trip to the Burberry make up store in Covent Garden and I fell in love. Since then, it’s stayed firmly at the top of my make up drawer; my favourite “something different” lip shade, and brighter than my other purples for a summer daytime or night time feel. This was also the first time I’d ever (shock, horror) invested in a lipliner. I know right? Well the Burberry lip liner is one to behold it seems. It glides the best out of any of the others I’ve collected since my introduction to liners themselves.

Next up is something a little more neutral. MAC’s “Brave” is one of the more natural colours in my collection. A funny name for this shade, considering I usually feel a lot braver in my brighter lipsticks.
This one came from a trip to MAC in search of the perfect almost-not-there lipstick, it’s a slightly darker pink which adds a little shimmer to the lip, and lasts pretty damn long (though it can’t withstand a lunchtime like a Jeffree can). I tend to keep it for my more subtle days out and about, or when I’m going all out with my eye make up.

Urban Decay Menace
Another one that just ‘dropped’ into my make up bag – oops! I was a little keen and went in search of the Urban Decay vice lipsticks before they came out. I found myself chatting to the woman at the counter and voila, this beauty was sold. What can I say?

This is a majorly pigmented colour, which holds tight for a pretty good portion of the day, and even if it wears off a little, the colour seems to stain your lips so you don’t get that awkward lip liner outline after lunch. Know what I mean? Hooray for Urban Decay!

Have you got a favourite lipstick brand? I can’t get enough of the bright shades it seems,
so let me know!