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Short but sweet – a little life update

I’ve been knee deep in scheduling photoshoots, writing blog posts and carrying on with full time work since I started blogging again just under two months ago. I’ve been researching everything from new Lightroom presets, to better photography and keeping up to date with all my favourite bloggers. It feels like a lot of pressure to keep up with everyone else, try to ‘build your brand’ and be noticed – have a niche.

When I was away from blogging, I missed just writing. I came up with a fair few blog post titles and kept them in my notebook ready to be shared when I finally got my blog backup and running. But in amongst everything else, I just want to blog about what I’m up to, recommend food and places I love so you can love them too, and above all, just share what’s happening so I can look back on it at a later date.

While I started as a fashion blogger way back when, my love of skincare has taken over quite a few posts recently – and that’s just fine, because it’s what I love right now and enjoy experimenting with. Recommending things to people and hearing back as to whether they love it as much as I do, or if they don’t – and why so I can keep building my skincare knowledge and improve along the way!

So right now – you might’ve seen over on my Insta, but I’ve had my haircut! Summer is almost half way through (cries a little) and the skies are grey rather than blue outside. I’ve been a little less enamoured with my wardrobe as of late – I say as of late, it’s more like the past 6 months or so. I promised myself a proper overhaul, but everytime I come to the cull I just get stuck – I find things I didn’t remember I had, and rather than give them away, I put them back in my wardrobe thinking maybe this would go with that. Spoiler – it’ll continue to stay in your wardrobe just where you left it.

But, there are some days when you get an outfit you just feel good in. Whether it’s a brand new number, or adding a little kick to some old jeans and t-shirt like this. Pretty much all of this outfit is over a year old, except the t-shirt. I’ve actually worn it a fair few times in the past couple of weeks (probably more than I care to admit). It’s become a little go-to of mine. It’s so easy, so comfy but adding giant red lettering across my chest makes me feel just a little bit sassy – especially paired with my favourite red lipstick. I’ve just purchased The Curated Closet in the hope it will install some wardrobe wisdom in me for a little overhaul and narrowing it down to more outfits like this.

So there you have it – a little off-the-cuff ramble. I’ll keep you updated with my wardrobe overhaul as it happens – until then!

C x

What I'm Wearing

T-Shirt: New Look (sold out, but similar here) | Jeans: Urban Outfitters | Blazer: Topshop (old, but similar here) | Handbag: Charlotte Elizabeth | Lipstick: Armani Liquid Lip Maestro | Shoes: Vans (old, slip on style here)

Photos by the lovely Emma Yu – thanks for taking on the role of Instagram husband!

*All thoughts on here are my own. This post is 100% not sponsored.