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Well hi there, welcome back! It’s almost October (where did Summer go?!), so with that in mind I thought I’d give a little shout out to two products which have made a major difference to my skin this September.

Having been on four flights in the past month, and with the seasons being all over the place, my skin went from fab to drab in a matter of days. My face was looking constantly tired and dull. I was using my usual products and have been wearing far less make up thanks to my new love of Bobbi Brown’s BB cream for a fresh faced look.

If you’ve read my previous post on dehydration, you’ll know it’s one of my biggest skincare concerns. For me, it causes fine lines to appear on my forehead which I do not want just yet – and which usually clear up once I sort my routine out. So with this is mind, I reached for two of my Pixi skincare saviours and got to work.

Best for: Revealing Radiance – Pixi Peel & Polish

Although the name suggests something kind of gross, this product actually just gently exfoliates and brightens in a super quick mask. I’d left my Pixi Peel & Polish on the shelf for a while as due to the AHA’s contained in it, it increases skin sensitivity to the Sun. Not ideal for tanning. Even in just a week, I’d forgotten how good it really is. I always feel an immediate difference after use, which only improves by the next morning.

The P&P has a very distinct smell which I personally think smells of European doughnuts (weird, I know – is it just me?). A little goes a long way, so I squeeze it out bit by bit as I cover my face. I’ve been using this 2 times a week after my double cleanse, before any of my toners, moisturisers and serums to properly exfoliate my skin. 

After applying a layer of the P&P to my skin, I let it sit for just 3 minutes before using my fingers to rub the grains in small circular motions and wiping off with a flannel – though it usually takes a couple of attempts  to get rid of all those pesky grains! When I’m using this product regularly, I tend to only massage with my hands once a week as the exfoliation feels a little harsh on my little cheeks.

Disclaimer: I’m not usually very good with masks. I have a few half-full jars in the cupboard which I promised to use religiously and then never found the extra 10 minutes for. As this one only takes an extra couple of minutes, it’s super easy to slap on and by the time you’ve rinsed out your flannel – you’re ready to clean! It’s the only one I keep coming back to.

Best for: Lightweight super hydration – Pixi Sleep Mask

Looking for deep hydration? Look no further. Doesn’t the word ‘sleep’ just conjure up everything you want in a moisturiser? Although it calls itself a sleep mask, it’s not too tacky or thick, meaning it can be used under make up and applied where needed for an extra boost in the AM!

When I bought it, the consultant mentioned how it comes in handy for flights. So I tested this out on the way to Rome and Spain (did I mention I’ve been away?). I applied a little before boarding, and packed it in my hand luggage for easy access – it’s cute little plastic tube makes it perfect for this! Though it’s only a short flight to and from Spain, my skin still felt hydrated throughout, and definitely feel like it could be a skin saviour on a long-haul flight. Since coming back from holiday, I’ve added this into my post-polish routine for some extra skin-soothing.

Between them, these two have definitely helped my skin keep going through the Summer-Abroad-Autumn climate changes I’ve been going through – not a dry patch in sight! The best places I’ve found to pick up Pixi is their website (great discounts with the loyalty programme), ASOS (student discount applies!) or good old M&S – watch out for those Sparks offers!

Do you have any go-to skin saviours when things are getting a bit lack-lustre? Let me know in the comments!

C x

* I am not a skincare expert, but I do love new products! I have paid in full for all the products featured in this post, making it 100% not sponsored.